1. An advanced payment equal to the total cost of hire for the hall is required as a deposit to guarantee the booking of the hall. The deposit will not be returned if there is any damage caused to the property. If the deposit does not cover the total cost of the damage, the person hiring the Hall will be liable for the total costs of the repairs. Failure to pay invoices on time may result in interest being due on the outstanding amount. "Interest" means a payment of 4% above the published base rate of National Westminster Bank Plc compounded.
  2. The hirer will be responsible for ensuring that the fire exits are kept clear while the hall is being used and ensuring that hall is empty in the event of a fire.
  3. All persons under the age of 18 are to be supervised by a responsible person aged 18 or older.
  4. All guests arriving and leaving the hall will do so in a reasonable manner so as not to cause a nuisance to residents in the vicinity of the hall.
  5. The total number of persons in the Hall (including toilets and kitchen area) at any one time shall not exceed 28 standing.(COVID-19recomedation)
  6. All entertainment will finish at 22:45 on Sunday to Friday and at 23:45 on Saturday.
  7. Ensure the hall is left clean and tidy (including kitchen and toilet areas). Failure to clean the hall and facilities after the booking, the person hiring the hall will be liable to the full cost of the cleaning.
  8. All electrical equipment, lights etc. shall be switched off when departing the Hall.
  9. The heating shall be turned down before departing the Hall.
  10. Ensure that all doors are locked shut (where applicable), when departing the Hall.


  1. Activate fire alarm by using the break glass points, located at both exits from the hall.
  2. Dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade, the hall address is RYE HARBOUR VILLAGE HALL, RYE HARBOUR ROAD, RYE HARBOUR, RYE, EAST SUSSEX. TN31 7TR
  3. Make sure that all the windows are closed.
  4. Turn off all electrical equipment.
  5. Ensure that the hall, kitchen area and toilets are clear.


 1. Introduction


  • As the hirer of the Hall you will be responsible for ensuring that all those attending your activity or event comply with these special conditions.
  • These conditions, will apply at all times, including entering and leaving the building.
  • Although every step has been taken to ensure the Hall is safe to use the Committee takes no responsibility for any illness or disease contracted in the Hall and those that use the Hall do so entirely at their own risk.
  • When entering the Hall please ensure that all of your group use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • It is a mandatory requirement that everyone using the hall wears a face covering, on entering the hall, until they leave. The only exceptions are, when in the Hall are for physical exercise, eating and drinking.


  1. Cleaning
    • You will be responsible for cleaning all door handles, light switches, Flush handles, toilets, wash basins and all surfaces likely to be touched during your hire period. Both before and after members of your group are in attendance. Using your own ordinary cleaning products. Please take care cleaning electrical equipment. Use cloths, and not sprays.
    • If possible, please arrive early enough to undertake the necessary cleaning. Please carry out the cleaning described above after your hire has finished.  You will of course not be charged for any extra time that you take to carry out the cleaning, before or after your hire period.

  1. Ventilation
    • Please keep the Hall well ventilated during your hire, with windows and doors open as far as possible. Please ensure that all windows and doors are securely closed when you leave, and the extractor fan turned off, if used.
  2. Kitchen
    • The kitchen will be available for use, please ensure that no more than two people are in the kitchen area at any one time.
    • Please bring your own food, beverages, crockery and cutlery. After use please take them home for cleaning.  DO NOT WASH THEM IN THE HALL.  Please do not use any of the hall crockery or cutlery.
    • You may use the Urn or the electric kettle provided they are cleaned before you leave.
  3. Toilets
    • The toilets are open for your use, please observe H.M. Government rules on social distancing, that are in operation at the time.
    • Toilet rolls and paper towels are provided for your use. Please dispose of the paper towels in the black bags provided. These can be put in the large outside bin. The key for the bin can be found in the Kitchen draw adjacent to the cooker. Please put it back after use.  Alternatively take the bags away with you, when you leave.
  4. Social Distancing
    • Please observe the H. M .Government advice on social distancing in force at the time of hire. Please take into consideration that the Hall can only accommodate a maximum of 28 persons at any one time.(COVID-19 requirement)
    • Please ensure that everyone attending maintains social distancing while waiting to enter the Hall, and leaving.
    • Face coverings must be worn on entering and leaving the hall at all times.
  5. Closure of the Hall
    • The management Committee reserve the right to close the Hall at any time if there are concerns about COVID-19.
  6. Contact Tracing
    • Please enter the name and contact details for each member of your group attending, in the book provided, on every occasion Please enter time of arrival and time of departure. Alternatively scan the QR code when entering the Hall. This information has to be held for three weeks after the event. Please ensure that it is written legibly. Alternatively scan the QR code when entering the Hall.
    • If a member of your group falls ill, or develops signs of Covid 19, please inform the relevant authority, and forward the contact details of those present at the time.


  1. Loss or Damage
    • The Management Committee is not responsible in any way for any loss or damage to the Hirer’s property brought to the Hall during the hire period, or stored in the Hall. Any property left in the hall for more than three months without the hirer making a new booking the Management Committee

reserves the right to dispose of that property.


  1. Use of Electrical equipment
    • The hirer may use their own Electrical equipment providing that it has a current test certificate, and is used entirely at the owners risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to that equipment however caused.
  2. Alcohol
    • The Hall is not licenced for the sale of alcohol, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that any licence that may be required is obtained prior to the event taking place.


  1. Hall Furniture
    • Hirers are reminded that the chairs and tables in the hall can be used for the hire. Providing that they are thoroughly cleaned and all metal parts sanitised after use. And that when putting away, they are lifted and carried and not dragged across the floor.